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Pre-Level 1 (Pre-Emergent) : The picture level where each page illustrates a single word or phrase with a drawing or photo. The text is fully and clearly depicted so that almost no reading is required. (Fountas & Pinnell Level A and B)

Level 1 (Early-Emergent) : The text of the book is illustrated so that the reader can use pictures to identify most but not all of the words. Illustrations may simply be supportive There are generally up to 3 lines of text per page. The text is brief, predictable, and may be repetitive. (Fountas & Pinnell Level C and D)

Level 2 (Emergent) : There is usually 1 supportive illustration and generally up to 7 short lines of print per page. There may be less predictability than on the previous level. (Fountas & Pinnell Level E and F)

Level 3 (Early Fluent): There is usually 1 supportive illustration and generally up to 10 lines of print per page. This level contains longer sentences with more challenging, descriptive vocabulary. (Fountas & Pinnell Level G, H, and I)

Level 4 (Fluent) : There is usually 1 illustration and generally 11 or more lines of print per page. In addition to being longer, selections at this level are more complex, contain a more varied vocabulary, and longer sentences than the previous level. Each page may include several paragraphs and books are frequently divided into brief chapters. The illustrations are supportive but may not explicitly depict text. These brief chapter books are the last step before transitioning to the easy chapter books in the J Fiction collection. (Fountas & Pinnell Level J and higher)